6 of Our Favorite Things to Do in Pacific Beach

While the city of San Diego may be vast, it is broken up into these fantastic neighborhoods. Each of them has something unique to offer its locals and visitors. We at Penny Realty love our neighborhood of Pacific Beach. It is filled with great shops, restaurants, and of course, the beach. There are so many fun things to do in Pacific Beach. You could easily plan an entire trip in the several blocks that make up our section of San Diego. Looking for our top things to do in Pacific Beach? Read on to find out more!

The Pacific Beach Neighborhood

Pacific Beach is located to the slight north of downtown San Diego. It is nestled between La Jolla and Mission Bay and Mission Beach. The vibe you get from the neighborhood is a younger one. There is also a great surf town feel to everything as well.

This area is popular not only with younger crowds for the night time scene but families too. You can see many young children with parents building castles on the beaches, playing in the parks, and grabbing a bite to eat.

Our Top 6 Things to Do in Pacific Beach

On the Water

  1. Mission Bay Cruises– Any time you have a chance to be on the water, consider a Mission Bay cruise. Our local bay is just stunning and has so many scenes to offer you. Our top suggestion is to hop aboard the Bahia Belle. They run cruises day and night from two locations, the Catamaran Resort Hotel or the Bahia Resort Hotel. Their day cruises are great for families and the night ones become a popular floating night club!
  2. Mission Bay Sailing– Another great way to enjoy the water is by going on a relaxing sailing trip. In Pacific Beach, there are many different companies that can host you. You can rent your own boat or go on a guided tour. Interested in learning? There are sailing classes as well!
  3. Mission Bay by Jet Ski– Lastly, a great adventure on Mission Bay is to see it by a jet ski. This is the best way if you are looking to be on the water for just a short time. Like sailing, you can rent your own or go on a guided tour. Whichever one you pick, it will be an amazing time.

Pacific Beach Restaurants

  1. Pacific Beach Fish Shop– Unlike many other seafood restaurants, this one prides itself on a customizable menu. You get to create your favorite dish each and every time you are there. It all starts with the freshest fish. Then you choose the marinade and end it with how you want it served. Examples are tacos, salads, sandwiches, or a fish plate.
  2. PB Shore Club– If you are looking to enjoy a meal with an unparalleled view, then this restaurant is for you. No matter where you are in the restaurant, you can have a view. Their menu consists of Mexican items made with a Californian flair. The drink menu consists of beers and cocktails that pair perfectly with any dish.

Exploring Pacific Beach

  1. Pacific Beach Bikes– While you can easily explore Pacific Beach by foot, it can be a lot more fun by bike. Rentals at Pacific Beach Bikes are a breeze. You can rent everything online and just enjoy it when you get here. You can choose to pick up your rental in store or have it delivered to you. If you are looking for add-ons, they have those as well!

As you can see, our part of San Diego is charming and filled with fun. Thinking of coming to California soon? Consider renting a vacation home from us at Penny Realty. We have rentals all over Pacific Beach and beyond. They come in all shapes in sizes, ideal for any group size. Contact us today and be our neighbor, even if it is only for a week!

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