Why is Mission Beach One of the Best San Diego Beaches?

Are you looking for one of the best San Diego beaches to visit on your next vacation to the area? If so, make it your mission to visit Mission Beach. Mission Beach is a lively place for people of all ages to enjoy. You’ll experience everything from the sand between your toes as the Pacific waves roll in to the wind in your hair as you ride an iconic roller coaster built in the 1920s. Located between the Pacific Ocean and Mission Bay, Mission Beach is on a two-mile long sandbar that has become one of the most popular destinations in San Diego.

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Why is Mission Beach One of the Best San Diego Beaches?

1. Belmont Park

Looking for some action? Belmont Park is the place. Belmont Park was developed in 1925 as a Mission Beach amusement park. Today, visitors can still get a taste of the park’s nostalgia while enjoying plenty of more modern-day activities. Don’t miss the Giant Dipper, a 73-foot tall, historic wooden roller coaster that is the only roller coaster that remains from what the ACE calls the “golden age of roller coasters.” The park includes more amusement rides, arcade games, rock climbing, and mini golf. Buy unlimited ride wristbands for an entire day of fun!

In addition, Belmont Park features other exciting attractions. For those who want to surf, try the Wavehouse waterpark. Or, head to the boardwalk if you’re looking for the perfect place to go for a stroll or rent bikes or rollerblades. Hungry yet? Check out the Cannonball, the largest oceanfront rooftop in San Diego. There are plenty of ice cream shops, bars and hot dog stands so all cravings are satisfied! Belmont Park is located at the intersection of Mission Boulevard and West Mission Bay Drive.

2. Spectacular Scenery

Mission Beach one of the best San Diego beaches simply because of its stunning landscape. It is a beautiful stretch of beach to visit. When the tide is low there is an amazing number of shells that are left behind. Spend the day at the beach surfing the waves, getting some sun, walking the four-mile beach for some exercise, or arrive in time for the sun to set and just relax. Mission Beach is one of nine beaches that provides lifeguards.

3. SeaWorld

In addition to Belmont Park, Mission Beach is home to another major San Diego attraction: SeaWorld, which is located near Belmont Park. The theme park features an outside aquarium, animal exhibits, oceanarium and amusement rides. Beginning at the end of May through Labor Day, SeaWorld sets off fireworks displays over Mission Beach.

4. Mission Bay Park

Mission Bay Park is a 4600-acre aquatic park at the west end of Mission Bay. Boat docks are available for those that want to spend the day on the water. There are children’s play parks, basketball courts and volleyball on the beach.

5. Mission Bay Bike Path

One of the best parts of Mission Beach is the Mission Bay Bike Path. This 12-mile loop around the bay and near the beach is a well-maintained, paved, trail for biking and jogging along Mission Bay. When you hit the trail, we feel certain you will find even more things to love about this gem on the San Diego shore.

Directions to Mission Beach

Traveling from the 5 FWY take Garnet Avenue west to Mission Boulevard South. Or take Sea World Drive to West Mission Bay Drive. Public transportation is also available. Call San Diego Transit at 619-233-3004 for details on routes and schedules.

Explore All of the Best San Diego Beaches

While we love Mission Beach, it is just one of many excellent beaches to visit in the greater San Diego area. Pacific Beach and Ocean Beach are other great Southern California beaches in the area. Each offers a unique style and local flavor to learn more about.

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